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A Design without a story, well it's just a design. A design with a story, that's art.™ Bill Campitelle © 2013-15".
Digital Art Expressions is a 100% Women Owned Business

What's Hot From Zazzle for 2015?   In the "Zazzle What's New Section". California bans plastic grocery bags!
Zazzle has officially announce the launch of their newest product:

If you went to the Zazzle web site directly the first thing you would say the prices are to high and you would be for the most part be correct.
What Zazzle should do along with others is use the following statement no setup fee, designers are not allowed to charge for their services at a savings to you from $100.00 to $500.00 depending upon  the design.      

       Need A shower curtain?  
booty call
Avast, me hearties, will ye be up to helpin' me find me Booty?!

"NEW! I have finished, Photo Album 1. There are over 50 mixed designs for you to view. Some can even be used as a logo. These images are larger then the featured products images giving you a chance to view more detail on the designs themselves. For those who have made a purchase I am so grateful for your visit and purchase. My goal is provide a better shopping experience. Photo album 2 coming soon! Thanks. Bill"  Click Here for Design Album 1

 We don't sell products we offer our designs on other companies products such as Zazzle,  Spreadshirt, Fine Art America and Cafepress.
Your Cost to create our design images are between $150.00 and $500.00, set up fee $40.00 cost on
Zazzle Spreadshirt Fine Art America
"FREE!" and
NO set up fee! Why? Because you don't have to pay for our services.

 The ability to create a totally custom gift. You choose the product, style and then the image or graphic you want on the front and/or back.
This is the ultimate form of expression.

  There are no limits to what you can communicate. Some people might show their love for a particular sports team, others a festival
or a fundraising event. You might have a special message for a loved one and or you may want a unique holiday gift. Whatever you may decide,
you can print your message on just about any product. Many businesses will offer customers a variety of options so they may choose from
a library of existing images, supply their own image, or have an artist create an image for them.

 Company-Product Overview of Zazzle,  Spreadshirt,  Fine Art America and Cafepress .

  These days it seems like everyone has the perfect idea on-demand product line If you browse Zazzle,  Spreadshirt,  Fine Art America and
 Cafepress or any similar business you’ll see that they do make it look easy, don’t they? You design it, or up-load you photo and they print and ship.
That really is as easy as it gets.

 Or is it?!

Not just t-shirts any more!

Since 2009 we have placed over 1000 designs on thousands of products on Zazzle, Spreadshirt, Fine Art America and Cafepress.
There are 2 avenues of approach to these businesses one as a customer and two as a seller here we will be concerned with helping you the

In order to review what each of these businesses offer you would have to visit each one then figure out what  product are available what is required sign up then order. At D.A.E.  we are here to help you save time avoid potential pitfalls.

On the menu on the left you will find information products  for Zazzle,  Spreadshirt, 
Fine Art America and Cafepress they are the most recognized
on the web.

Although similar they are not the same for example, Zazzle now has more different types of products best place to customize but navigation of products on web site confusing. Spreadshirt best design editor on the web but not many other products other than apparel. Cafepress apparel and different types of products but customers do not have the option to customize.    Fine Art America mostly posters, phone covers and recently added pillows.

Accessing our information will provide you with each company's requirement to add your own design or image. In addition how to up-load an image and what size and file type are requires as well as up dates on products and  procedures to save you time and money and a lot more!

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