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 Visit Lake Charles Things to do, history and app


Contraband Days 2015 Festival Will be April 28th Thru May 10th City of Lake Charles, La.


Usually held annually the first part of May and Unique to Lake Charles, Contraband Days Louisiana Pirate festival celebrates the legend of pirate Jean Lafitte. The story goes that pirate Jean Lafitte docked his boat right on the sandy shore of Lake Charles and buried his treasure somewhere along its banks. On the first night, witness the cannon fire as the citizens of Lake Charles try to defend the seawall only to have the pirates capture the mayor, put him on trial and force him to walk the plank!


 I know where Lafitte's treasure went!  to find out scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day is officially observed on Wednesday, September 19, 2015.

How "Talk Like a Pirate". Ahoy - "Hello!". Ahoy! - "Yo!". Avast! - "Check it out!". Aye! - "Yes.". Arrr! - "That's right!". (often confused with arrrgh...). Arrrgh! - "I'm VERY miffed." Bucko - Familiar term. "Me bucko" - "my friend." Davy Jones' locker - The bottom of the sea. Deadlights -- Eyes. "Use yer deadlights, matey!" Sink me! - An expression of surprise. Splice the mainbrace - To have a drink. Or, perhaps, several drinks.

 Contraband Days is one of Louisiana's largest festivals and the City of Lake Charles oldest festival and Contraband Days is a themed "pirate" festival with close to 100 events. Contraband Days always falls on the first two weekends in May and it's a twelve day festival. The Festival is based on the Lake Charles Civic Center grounds with some events occurring throughout the City. Over 100,000 people attend Contraband Days Festival on land and on the water.

 Almost three centuries ago, a notorious and ruthless pirate named "Jean Lafitte" and his band of buccaneers were fleeing enemy ships and heading west to Galveston. LEGEND has it that Lafitte & his band of buccaneers would hide out along the waterways in Lake Charles. LEGEND has it that Jean Lafitte's favorite hideout was CONTRABAND Bayou in Lake Charles. LEGEND has it that the treasure (silver & gold) was hidden and buried by Lafitte in his favorite hideaway Contraband Bayou and hence given why the bayou is named CONTRABAND.

 In 1957 a group of local businessmen from the Downtown Division of the Lake Charles Association of Commerce (later known as the Chamber of Commerce) formed Lake Charles Contraband Days Inc (later known as Contraband Days Inc) for the sole purpose of developing a program to utilize the Lake Charles areas in recreational and cultural activities and to attract tourists. The group opted for a pirate theme with the LEGEND of Lafitte's Buried Treasure along Contraband Bayou thus the first Annual Contraband Days was held in June 1958 as a one day event with a boat parade, water ski show and boat races. A few years later this group of men formed another organization called the Buccaneers of Lake Charles, Inc. and added entertainment by dressing in pirate attire and costume. A "Jean Lafitte" would be selected to lead the buccaneers to "Capture the Mayor and take over the City". Part of the buccaneer group would also dress in "City Militia" attire, armed with real cannons to try to ward off Lafitte & his buccaneers from landing as part of the entertainment.

A "Jean Lafitte" would be selected to lead the buccaneers to "Capture the Mayor and take over the City". City Mayors to "Walk the Plank".

Contraband Days provides entertainment for all ages, heritage, and religion. Contraband Days began the first noted in festival history "Family Night" and is an alcohol free night for families with family entertainment. Concerts ranging from Christian and Gospel, to Country and Cajun, to Zydeco, Urban R & B acts, Oldies, & Classic Rock are a big part of the festival entertainment. Entertainers from nationally, to regional and local are known to have performed at the festival.
Also Contraband Days Inc provides attractions and big events. Many other events are put on by local and charitable organizations and the media, as well.
  More Info Contraband Days

 I put these designs on women's apparel. I could not let the guys have all the fun! Click on image. Thanks for viewing, Bill.

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