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Greetings from a Digital Art Expressions Las Vegas, Nevada.
A Design without a story, well it's just a design. A design with a story, that's art.™ Bill Campitelle © 2013-14".
Digital Art Expressions is a 100% Women Owned Business

Greetings from Digital Art Expressions, Las Vegas Nevada.

Here it is short direct to what you are trying to create the instructions below are direct for  Zazzle Instructions  if you have time to read all that is there.

 From Zazzle instructions: Image size and resolution
  To ensure your images are the correct size and resolution, we recommend starting with one of the Zazzle Guide Files. These guide files are the correct size and resolution required for great results. Higher resolutions will have even better results.
The general resolution requirements (in pixels per inch) are:
150ppi for apparel, aprons, bags, hats, mouse pads, and ties.
200ppi for mugs, drink ware, calendars, cards, key chains, magnets, postcards, and all stickers.
300ppi for custom postage
150 ppi for photo enlargements/prints, and posters
If you have pre-existing artwork, see by product type.
To fill the full area on any product, we recommend that you use images that are equal to or larger than the recommended sizes.
In the Design Tool, a resolution warning will appear for any images sized larger than the resolution of the image allows. Zazzle end instructions.

Or they could have just said up-load your photo if it won't fit we let you know!

You can use Zazzle Custom Guide Files if you are inclined to drive yourself crazy, I did, only to find out much later that if all the designs
 images were 10"X10" @ 300ppi they would fit almost all of Zazzle products and could be made smaller without distorting.

Here is what you need to know most folks will take a photo with a phone or photo if your phone or camera is not set to at least 150 ppi don't bother to up-load because your image will look like a postage stamp. Your photos and images are best @ 300ppi, and will fit 95% off Zazzle products.

Do what I do below here are some hints

Hint 1: On enhancing TEXT. If the text on an image does not appear to stand out enough repeat the same text at slightly different color, gray for example, place the text behind the original to act as shadow. 

Hint 2: On T-shirts you will find a design front and back.

Hint 3: My design images are 300ppi so they can be reduced to pocket size if you want and the others can be removed.

Hint 4: Some images when up-loaded may appear to be out of focus, that is because when an images is uploaded to Zazzle the images are reduced to thumbnail size.  All of our design images are "high resolution" to provide the best quality, for example "July-4-Independence" images, as an example are 7997x5512 ,300 PPI each. Tools used to create images. Corel Draw X7 and Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X6

Hint 5: Our designs' for logo, party or event!  They are created Vector in Corel Draw X-6-7. Then converted to Hi-res PNG, then up-loaded @ 300pp. So if you want to reduce the image. No problem!

Hint 6: Design size for Zazzle apparel 10"x10", 10"x"14, My design images are 10"x10" that leave you more room to add text or image.

The JPEG Format
The JPEG format, with its support for 16.7 million colors, is primarily intended for photographic images. The internal compression algorithm of the JPEG format, unlike the GIF format, actually throws out information. Depending on what settings you use, the thrown out data may or may not be visible to the eye. Once you lower the quality of an image, and save it, the extra data cannot be regained so be sure to save the original.

Gif Format
GIF files support a maximum of 256 colors, which makes them practical for almost all graphics except photographs. The most common method of reducing the size of GIF files is to reduce the number of colors on the palette. It is important to note that GIF already uses the LZW compression scheme internally to make images as small as possible without losing any data.

The PNG format
The newest, file format that's widely supported by the Web is PNG (pronounced Ping). PNG was developed to surpass the limitations of GIFs, and as a means by which developers can avoid having to worry about the patent licenses associated with other formats. PNG was designed to offer the main features of the GIF format, including streaming and progressive file formats. It also provides greater depth of color, catering to images up to 24 bit in color.

What is a Vector Design?

All logo designs were created in Vector format. Vector graphics are based on vectors (mathematical expressions, also called paths, or strokes) which lead through locations called control points. Each of these points has a definite position on the x and y axes of the work plan. Each point, as well, is a variety of database, including the location of the point in the work space and the direction of the vector (which is what defines the direction of the track). Each track can be assigned a color, a shape, a thickness and also a fill. This does not affect the size of the files in a substantial way because all information resides in the structure; it describes how the vector was drawn. (bitmap, JPG) graphics, or called Raster images are based on pixels and so when scaled there is a loss of clarity, while vector-based graphics can be scaled by any amount without degrading quality.

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