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A Design without a story, well it's just a design. A design with a story, that's art.™ Bill Campitelle © 2013-15".

Digital Art Expressions is a 100% Women Owned Business
Greetings from Digital Art Expressions, Las Vegas Nevada. Thank you for visiting.

   Style: Men's American Apparel All-Over Printed Panel T-Shirt

Wear your jokes, buddy's face, or any design on this ultra-soft and stylish American Apparel shirt. Customize this all-over
printed Men’s shirt with anything you can imagine. Express your creativity directly on your shirt and look awesome in
something so comfortable you won't want to take it off!

Available in Men's S, M, L, XL, XXL.
American Apparel shirt.
100% cotton (black) sleeves, ringer and back.
100% polyester front panel.
Designs printed in vibrant prints that will not crack, peel, or flake.
The design is round not oblong, the designer makes it appear oblong, thanks for viewing.

NEW!  Style: Baseball From here Baseballs ordered from Zazzle are HARDBALLS


Kids learn the importance of teamwork and perseverance when they participate in sports. Let yours cherish and remember these life-long lessons with a fully customizable baseball. Full regulation sized, playing catch just got a whole lot more meaningful.

Gift Giving Tip: Decorating the ball with a team picture makes it a great keepsake gift for coaches and teammates alike!

Regulation size ball. Edge-to-edge full color graphics. Hand stitched with care. High quality crystal-clear printing that won't crack, fade, or peel.

Explore the list below click on the link provided view the product. If you see a product you like and are not sure if your image or design will fit properly contact me at   Bill requesting help Click here  There is no charge for the service
Zazzle Products List add your photo

What's Hot From Zazzle for 2015?   In The "what's new Zazzle" section. Foldup in your pocket grocery, pool, beach, party bags!  

What's Hot!?  From Zazzle?  Fabric!  Yea!  Really! 

Some hints before you visit

"NEW! I have finished, Photo Album 1. There are over 50 mixed designs for you to view. Some can even be used as a logo. These images are larger then the featured products images giving you a chance to view more detail on the designs themselves. For those who have made a purchase I am so grateful for your visit and purchase. My goal is provide a better shopping experience. Photo album 2 coming soon! Thanks. Bill"  Click Here for Design Album 1

 Here is the skinny on Zazzle, when you first visit the Zazzle site first off you notice that pricing seems a bit high. The reason in my opinion is because they are always having sales, midnight sales, holiday sales, 4 hour sales and sales for the sales. There are only 2 reasons anyone visits Zazzle, one, to buy an item because of the designs or to create your own.  If you find a design you like bookmark that page your best bet is to sign up for the news letter they offer to take advantage of the midnight and 4 hour sales. 
 Lets talk about creating your own or to be more precise, creating your own product design. It is not as easy as you may think that is because there are guidelines that you should follow, if you have time!. Your best bet is to find a template already made then half your work is done, that is why almost all my Designs are template format.

Here is the key there are many templates on Zazzle, but  not one template will fit all your needs, you will find this statement all over my stores, (The overlay Zazzle uses causes a slight blur and makes the image darker and then it really is. Best view large and in the design window. Note: If you use a template. change text, add an image, you should view your final changes in the customize edit window before you purchase. )

Reason your changes may go beyond the safe area. Font point size is 9pt. I choose the bold font because at 9pt other fonts will be hard to read. This image created in Corel Draw X7, up-loaded @ 300ppi. Backgrounds will fit all sizes. Thanks, Bill) They should have in part the statement above on all product windows but they do not.

Zazzle has recently added customer reviews, a BIG mistake, Why?
Because when you visit a product page unless you read the small print you immediately assume that a bad review is referencing the artists design on the product you are viewing. this is not the case in viewing my design on their products.

Sorry to say but there are some artist who create designs on the fly and sometimes those designs do not come out right this is not my fault and my designs should not be criticized because of their error.  

Zazzle Black

To sign up, register at checkout when you make your next purchase. This way you can take full advantage of your free month, and it will only start with your next purchase. All you need is your credit card, but you will not be charged for your free trial. When your free trial comes to an end, we'll enroll you in your first year of Zazzle Black Standard membership for $9.95 annually. You can opt out of enrollment at any time during the free trial by visiting the Zazzle Black program management page in your account.
Zazzle Black 2-Day   This is a good deal not well advertised on Zazzle but we saved us over $700.00 over the holidays.

Get MORE Zazzle Black with FREE 2-day shipping! For just $39.95 annually, enjoy FREE 2-day shipping on all qualifying orders in addition to all the same privileges of Zazzle Black Standard. That's right: 2-day shipping! This is not Zazzle's usual premium shipping. Customers with Zazzle Black 2-day get their products even faster than Zazzle's premium shipping. Create your products and get them 2 days after they are produced! Sign up today!

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