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A Design without a story, well it's just a design. A design with a story, that's art.™ Bill Campitelle © 2013-14".

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  Greetings from Digital Art Expressions, Las Vegas Nevada. Thank you for visiting.

List of Zazzle products. Throughout my stores you will find many hints and suggestion to help you before you purchase a product.

Apparel Many Styles, Igloo Coolers, Car Mats, Bandana, Scarves, Jewelry, Wallets, Bags, Budget Tote, Jumbo Tote, Drawstring Backpack, Medium Messenger Bag, Buttons, Mugs, Clocks, Belt Buckles, Notebooks & Journals, Hats, Minx Nail Art, Clipboards, Dart Boards, Custom Phone Cases, Posters, Decorative Plate, Poker chips, Kitchen Towel, Bicycle ®,Playing Cards, Baby Bib, Baby Blanket Dimensions: 29” x 39”, Silver Plated Round Necklace, Key chains,  Wallets, Watches, Wine boxes, Blankets, Mugs, Name Plates, Custom Sleeves, Throw Pillows, Table Lamp, Pendant Lamp  and pets.
Kitchen & Dining. Kitchen Towel 16" x 24",  Melamine Plate, Standard Apron, Candy Jar, Oval Cake pick,  Placemats 20" x 14"
Decorative Glass Cutting Board 15"x11", Decorative Glass Cutting Board 11"x8". White Jelly Belly™ Candy Tin,  10.75" Decorative Porcelain Plate, Cloth Napkins (set of 4) dinner 20" x 20" Yubo Lunchbox, Grey, Cloth Napkins (set of 4) cocktail 12" x 12", White Paper Napkins, Coined Edges.

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Please throw my designs!:-)
The throwing of trinkets to the crowds was started in the early 1870s by the Twelfth Night Revelers, and is a time-honored expectation for young and old alike. From the 1870s, Popular throws include cups (otherwise known as New Orleans dinnerware), long pearl beads, stuffed animals, buttons and even shoes!. They have become collector's items.

"Check out Mardi Gras Throws" or Buttons. You will not find them anywhere else"!
It takes A lot of time and effort and research for me to create great designs with Mardi Gras standards for example, Rex, the King of Carnival, selected the Mardi Gras colors and assigned meaning to them in 1892. Purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.
Every Zazzle Product will have a Matching Mardi Gras Design. For example, there is the Queen, The Joker and the Clown for starts. Plus I will be adding new sections that are not on the Zazzle Menu like "Mardi Gras Throws" and "Certificates" to begin with. Thanks.

Footnote: You don't have to buy multiples of the same button to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 10 or more buttons!

Footnote: On some of the photo, Rack post cards and flyers I placed the Louisiana Bicentennial design seal that I made. A great show of support and some great throws. Under the seal says "seize the year".

On some of the photo, Rack cards and flyers I placed the Louisiana Bicentennial design seal that I made. A great show of support and some great throws. Under the seal says "seize the year". There is also a postage stamp

The population of New Orleans more than doubles with visitors this day. Thursday night starts off with a bang in an all-women's parade called Muses. The parade is relatively new, but its membership has tripled since its start. It is popular with its throws (highly sought after decorated shoes) and fun themes poking fun at politicians and celebrities.

Please Note: Not just for Mardi-Gras
(Artist concept poster. All sizes .) Queen of Genii. Guardian of the spirit.
Research-History. GENII/GENIUS Slate 14c.,from L. genius "guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation, wit, talent," from root of gignere. "beget, produce". Meaning "person of natural intelligence or talent" first recorded 1640s. From Mark Twain "then the King & Queen of the Genii". Letter To Pamela A. Moffett 9 and 11 March 1859,New Orleans, La.

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